Wreaths Across America 2019 a Huge Success Thanks to Volunteers

Wreaths Across America 2019 a Huge Success Thanks to Volunteers

Wreaths Across America 2019 a Huge Success Thanks to Volunteers


By Wes O’Donnell
Managing Editor, In Military, InCyberDefense and In Space News

Few things are as humbling as a national cemetery. There is a certain solemnity to a visit there as if the Earth’s gravity was somehow stronger at these poignant locations.

According to PBS, the total number of Americans killed in all U.S. wars is more than 1.1 million. Many of those who sacrificed their lives are laid to rest at one of our nation’s 140 national cemeteries across 40 states (and Puerto Rico).

But not all of our nation’s heroes are buried at national cemeteries. Some lie in foreign countries, like France, Belgium, Mexico, Luxembourg and Tunisia.

Wreaths Across America Founded So That No One Remains Forgotten

In 1992, Karen and Morrill Worcester started Wreaths Across America, a movement that would overtake the country and inspire patriotism in millions of Americans. On December 14, Wreaths Across America Day volunteers paid homage to our war heroes by laying 2.1 million wreaths at over 2,000 cemeteries.

As a nonprofit, Wreaths Across America relies entirely on volunteers, donations from their trucking partners, and sponsorship dollars from citizens and corporations alike.

Video above courtesy PenFed

AMU Grad Lends Trucks for Wreath Deliveries

For several years, American Military University has been a proud participant in the event, drawing hundreds of volunteers. This year, AMU is proud to highlight MSR Transport Services and its President and AMU alumnus, Robert Ahlers.

Robert enlisted in the U.S. Army in March of 2001. After having served in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, Robert was commissioned in 2008.

Robert founded MSR Transport in October of 2014. This year, Robert and MSR Transport donated no less than 15 deliveries to Wreaths Across America with stops to cemeteries in Maine, Vermont, and New York.

Robert said that “37% of our drivers are Veterans, and 36% of our drivers are female – both well above the statistical norm for the industry.” MSR Transport drivers like Doug and Robyn Hyde take special pride in delivering truckloads of wreaths so that volunteers can place them on servicemembers’ graves.

It is patriots like these that make Wreaths Across America possible.

This past Saturday, December 14, volunteers associated with American Military University placed tens of thousands of wreaths at 15 locations, including Arlington National Cemetery in our nation’s capital.

Wreaths Across America has become one of American Military University’s most treasured new traditions. As a veteran who has lost comrades myself, it fills me with pride to be a part of an organization with reverence to the task of honoring the fallen.

According to Wreaths Across America, “We would not be successful without the help of volunteers, active organizations and the generosity of the trucking industry, which offer invaluable support to WAA’s mission to remember the men and women who served our country, honor our military and their families, and teach our children about our freedom and those who protect it.”

And with donations, volunteers, AMU university ambassadors and the kindness of organizations like MSR Transport, Wreaths Across America will continue strong well into the future. This is a holiday tradition that all Americans can get behind. After all, not everyone who answer our country’s call makes it home. Wreaths Across America ensures that while they may be gone, they will never be forgotten.