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Troops to Teachers: Helping Veterans Serve with Pride in the Classroom

What is Troops to Teachers?

To use the organization’s own words, Troops to Teachers is “a U.S. Department of Defense program that helps eligible military personnel begin a new career as teachers in public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are most needed.”

Craig Gilman, a former U.S. Marine currently serving as an education coordinator and online adjunct faculty member with American Military University (AMU), spoke to In Military Education about Troops to Teachers. Continue Reading

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Troops to Teachers and the Transition to the Classroom

By Craig Gilman
Special to InMilitaryEducation.com

Having both served in the military and taught in our nation’s public schools I can think of no better role model for today’s younger students than a classroom teacher who has served in uniform. I highly recommend anyone who has served in the military to consider teaching as another means of serving one’s community and country. Continue Reading

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Journey to the Classroom: Troops to Teachers is the Next Step

Why did you choose education as a career?

This is a question many are answering before entering the Troops to Teachers program. Not sure what that is? It's a great program that supports active, and former members of the military to transition to teaching.While the military is one career goal for many, teaching is an important area to cover and a viable 2nd career option.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits