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Maximizing Your Transfer Credit: Part 1

By SSG Tonda (Dillivan-Rudoll) Navarrete
Military and Community College Outreach Director at American Military University

Note: This article was originally published at RallyPoint.

How many schools have you attended throughout your academic journey? Have you changed your career and educational goals every time you and your spouse change duty stations?

It is important to decide upon a degree path and stick to it as best as possible. Continue Reading

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits

Making the Move from Military Retirement to Education

By Darren Blagburn
Army Veteran and American Military University Alumnus

Whether you are entering college for the first time or you are working on your master's degree, creating a personal vision can help you focus on an outcome, and may lead to selecting the appropriate major. While looking five years down the road can sound difficult to do, you will find that you can stay on track to accomplish whatever you set as your long-term goals. Selecting the right major is one of those accomplishments that will lend itself to supporting your vision.

Maximizing Military Education Benefits: An Insider’s View

Why You Should Apply Interview Questions to Your Studies

By Jessica Stasiw
Editor, In Military Education

As you move through your degree or certificate program you should be creating a portfolio of your work. It is important to start while you study, and build as you make new contacts and learn new practical skills. One of the ways to keep yourself on track is through asking a few simple questions as you develop your career skills, and career knowledge.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits