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Small Pay Raise For Military in 2016

President Obama and Congress have approved an average of 1.3% annual raise to federal employees including both military and civilian.  This raise will be the largest cost-of-living increase for federal employees since 2010.  In 2011, 2012 and 2013 these employees had all raises suspended due the pay freeze during that time.  It’s worth noting though, that the military raise typically mirrors the increase in the Civilian Employment Cost Index (ECI) if not slightly exceed it.  Continue Reading

Coast Guard’s ‘Campaign to Retain’ Seeks to Preserve its Unique Talents

Black Friday: Tips from a Seasoned Shopper

By Liam M. Truchard
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.)

It can be treacherous, confusing, and even slightly dangerous to go shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The number of sales seem overwhelming…was that a Black Friday bargain or a Shop Local deal or, for gosh sakes, web only!?!

Deep breath. Trust me, we can do this. Here are some strategies from a savvy holiday-week shopper:


Not as silly as it sounds. Continue Reading

Coast Guard’s ‘Campaign to Retain’ Seeks to Preserve its Unique Talents

How Will You Retire? Half of Us Have Nothing Saved, and Many Others Far Too Little

By Paul Grimaldi
The Providence Journal (Providence, R.I.)

Nancy Hardendorf is about to step into the great unknown for middle-class Americans: retirement.

“I think everybody is afraid … you never think that there’s going to be enough [money],” said Hardendorf, an administrator at Johnson & Wales University.

As many of her friends have retired over the last few years, Hardendorf began wondering whether it was time to quit her job as the university’s director of parent programs and begin a more relaxed life. Continue Reading

Some veterans must file information to receive stimulus money for dependents