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Developing Your Core Personal Documents to Ease Your Transition

Words by Rob Griggs, Contributor at Warriorlodge.com

A common challenge for veterans in transition is trying to figure out exactly what they want to do in the next phase of their life. For many, common advice given is to do something you are passionate about, determine where you want to settle down and look for employment there or (most confusing to me) figure out how your military skills best translates and find a corresponding civilian job. Continue Reading

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Making the Move from Military Retirement to Education

By Darren Blagburn
Army Veteran and American Military University Alumnus

Whether you are entering college for the first time or you are working on your master's degree, creating a personal vision can help you focus on an outcome, and may lead to selecting the appropriate major. While looking five years down the road can sound difficult to do, you will find that you can stay on track to accomplish whatever you set as your long-term goals. Selecting the right major is one of those accomplishments that will lend itself to supporting your vision.

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Using Technology to Help Veterans Transition Into College

By Marty McKee
Editor, In Military Education

Making the transition from military life to university life can be difficult for veterans.

Programs have been proposed and/or implemented over the years to help make the transition go smoothly. One tool used by some universities, including American Military University, to great success bears the intimidating name of Fidelis Learning Relationship Management System. Continue Reading

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Career Preparation for the Military to Civilian Transition

Interview with Arthur Rodriguez, MGySgt, USMC (Ret) Outreach Educational Coordinator, American Military University Making the leap from a military to civilian career can involve some juggling, but with the right amount of support and resources it can be a smooth transition. To talk about making this leap is Art Rodriguez, a retired Marine and a Vietnam Veteran with more than 30 years of service.

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success