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10 Ways to Support Military Spouses This Mother’s Day

The stress of parenting alone while a spouse is deployed or in training can become overwhelming. I often heard civilian friends tell me, “I wish I had known what to do to help.” As an independent, “I can do it all myself” type of person, I didn’t ask for help when I needed it. But there are ways to easily provide assistance to military spouses. Here are 10 ways to help a military wife this Mother’s Day or any other day during the year.

3 Things Military Wives and Husbands Can do to Secure Their Finances

By Emma Johnson

Despite the many health, income and retirement benefits afforded veterans, the immediate families of enlisted soldiers’ spouses are especially vulnerable financially. A recent study by the Military Officers Association of America and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families found that 90 percent of female spouses reported being underemployed or overqualified for the positions they hold, and spouses of both genders earn 38 percent less than their civilian counterparts and at 26 percent, are 30 percent more likely to be unemployed. A full 95 percent of military spouses are women, and 80 percent of military spouses say they want to work.

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