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6 Helpful Hints Veterans Should Consider When Deciding on a College

It's no secret that veterans entering college for the first time have different needs than the typical student who jumps directly from high school to the university level. Veterans are generally older, are more likely to have a family, and have been living a much different lifestyle.

With those differences in mind, NerdScholar's Gianna Sen-Gupta has put together a list of tips for the Huffington Post that can help veterans make the right decision about which school to attend.

6 Tips to Help Veterans Choose the Best College

Maximizing Military Education Benefits: An Insider’s View

How You Can Prepare for an Unintended School Absence

By Craig Gilman
Faculty member with American Military University

Sometimes… life happens. It doesn’t matter how well or how far in advance you plan, some things simply cannot be anticipated. While this is true for anyone, for those serving in the military, odds are life will happen sooner, rather than later. Whether you have finally signed up for that first class or are only a couple of classes away from graduation, life simply does not care. However, if you take the right attitude and approach, your professors and university should.

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What Does “Military-Friendly School” Really Mean?

Have you ever seen the term "military-friendly" used in an advertising campaign or on the Internet by a college or university? Ever wonder what it actually means? Although an astute military student could probably suggest several dozen factors relating to policies, services, and processes that pertain to military-friendliness, one only has to turn to Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) to grasp the concept.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits