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Daddy’s Home! Helping Your Child Adjust to Post-Deployment Stress

By Dr. Nancy Heath and Dr. Kimberlee Ratliff
Dr. Heath is the Program Director for Human Development and Family Studies at APU.
Dr. Ratliff is the Program Director of the M.Ed. in School Counseling at APU.

Families experience enormous amounts of stress when one parent goes off to war. Rules and boundaries change, chores may be divided up differently, and loyalties are renegotiated. As the reality of a partner’s deployment sinks in, the remaining parent may find it hard to function, since he or she is suffering a significant upheaval and loss of support. Eventually, though, most non-deployed parents find ways to cope. They learn new skills, find new social groups, and establish new routines. Yet most eagerly await the return of their partner, and children, especially, look forward to a return to normalcy.

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3 Things Military Wives and Husbands Can do to Secure Their Finances

By Emma Johnson

Despite the many health, income and retirement benefits afforded veterans, the immediate families of enlisted soldiers’ spouses are especially vulnerable financially. A recent study by the Military Officers Association of America and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families found that 90 percent of female spouses reported being underemployed or overqualified for the positions they hold, and spouses of both genders earn 38 percent less than their civilian counterparts and at 26 percent, are 30 percent more likely to be unemployed. A full 95 percent of military spouses are women, and 80 percent of military spouses say they want to work.

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Accounting Careers in and Around the Military

by Emily Philippe Program Director, Accounting and Finance at American Public University If you plan on pursuing a career in accounting, with the military or as a civilian, consider the following recommendations. First, while it is important to take advantage of military offered training and schools, do not neglect continuing your education outside of the military.

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Supporting the Military Child During Summer PCS

By Craig Gilman Faculty Member at American Military University Are you on the move?  Summer is a time of transition and change for the military child.  For many service members and their families, summer is the time when permanent changes of duty station (PCS) occur.  While there is often excitement about moving to a new location, there is also a tremendous amount of stress. Parents can best support their children during moves to new duty stations by using a variety of resources and strategies available to them.

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