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How You Can Prepare for an Unintended School Absence

By Craig Gilman
Faculty member with American Military University

Sometimes… life happens. It doesn’t matter how well or how far in advance you plan, some things simply cannot be anticipated. While this is true for anyone, for those serving in the military, odds are life will happen sooner, rather than later. Whether you have finally signed up for that first class or are only a couple of classes away from graduation, life simply does not care. However, if you take the right attitude and approach, your professors and university should.

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COL Phil’s View: Going Back to School

by Col. Phil McNair Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, American Public University System If you are in the military and interested in earning a college degree, chances are good that you are short on two things that might be holding you back: cash and time.  Let’s talk about the time issue. Few active duty folks are fortunate enough to be sent to school full time on Uncle Sam’s dime.  Realistically, your military duty obligations or job requirements, coupled in many cases with family responsibilities, may leave you little free time for college.  And no matter how you look at it, earning a degree is going to be time-consuming

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