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Use Critical Thinking to Overcome Personal Biases

By Valerie Davis

Faculty Member, Intelligence Studies at American Military University
Special to InMilitaryEducation.com

As intelligence analysts, our analysis of data and information is influenced by prior knowledge including our thoughts, perceptions, and biases. Members of the intelligence community share a common knowledge—and a personal knowledge—which we use when organizing and categorizing data and information. The more their organization and categorization relates to a shared common knowledge, the easier their retrieval is. Continue Reading

Maximizing Military Education Benefits: An Insider’s View

How to Begin a Career in the Intelligence Community

By James Green, Jr Special to InMilitaryEducation.com Have you ever wondered how the President and senior policymakers arrive at national security decisions? How our military forces maneuver through the battle spaces, and know exactly where the enemy forces are? What gives our first responders and other emergency personnel an advantage during natural or man-made disasters?

Maximizing Military Education Benefits: An Insider’s View

3 Key Components to Success for the Future Intelligence Analyst

To the public, the field of “intelligence” can be quite a mystery – often sensationalized or misinterpreted in an attempt to fill in gaps between what is visible and the unknown. Some think intelligence is cool and sexy, while others believe it is a nefarious and unscrupulous field. In truth, it is impossible to fully assess agencies or their practices when a complete picture is undiscoverable by design.

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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media

We recently interviewed intelligence studies expert, Dr. Kathy Hogan, on open source intelligence (OSINT) and the media. For those of you unfamiliar with OSINT it is any information you can get from open sources; like newspapers, social media, and radio. This information can be pulled from any avenues that don’t have classified channels.

Curious to find out what kind of information is being gathered through OSINT? Continue Reading

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