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4 Tips for Success as a New (or Veteran) Online Learner

By Dr. Michael S. Miller
Part-time Faculty Member, Teaching Program, School of Education at American Public University

Becoming a successful online learner requires the student to be on top of things- and to be self- directed. Whether you are brand-new to the online learning experience, or you are a professional online learner; these four tips will help you get the most out of your education.

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Liberal Arts vs. STEM: The Right Degrees, The Wrong Debate

By Sergei Klebnikov

Ultimately, the debate between the liberal arts and STEM isn’t as simple as black and white. There is much for schools to accomplish through collaboration, which allows for shared resources, academic programs and innovative ideas. The most important steps forward have been the innovations that schools have made to their curriculums, often through collaboration with other colleges.

5 Reasons Military Spouses Should Apply for MyCAA School Funding

Changing Your Program: Should You Do It?

By Anna Sommer
Team Manager, Academic Advising at American Public University

Changing your degree program can be a big decision, and it’s a decision you want to get right. However, it’s not really about right and wrong; it’s about understanding how a program or a possible program change will impact you now and in the future. If you are thinking about changing your program, here are two things to consider...

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Stress and the Online Student: Is Failure an Option?

By Craig Gilman
Faculty, American Military University

As a professor at American Military University teaching many servicemembers and veterans, I often encounter students who get off to a good start early in a course, but whose performance or attendance soon takes a dramatic turn for the worst. With so much at stake, why do they do this to themselves?

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success