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Liberal Arts vs. STEM: The Right Degrees, The Wrong Debate

By Sergei Klebnikov

Ultimately, the debate between the liberal arts and STEM isn’t as simple as black and white. There is much for schools to accomplish through collaboration, which allows for shared resources, academic programs and innovative ideas. The most important steps forward have been the innovations that schools have made to their curriculums, often through collaboration with other colleges.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits

The History of Armed Forces Day: Why Are We Celebrating?

By Dr. Richard Hines
Program Director, History and Military History at American Military University

This coming Saturday, May 16, 2015, is Armed Forces Day. It's a time to honor our fallen heroes and those still serving here and abroad. These men and women hold a special place in the heart of those of us here at AMU. We will be forever grateful for what you do for all of us. May we, as a nation, never take that service for granted.    

US Military Is Long Overdue for its ‘#Me Too’ Movement