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The Dangers of Micro Managers!

Words by Jimmy Earley, Contributor at Warriorlodge.com

I am writing for the transitioning military person who is either moving from position to position within the civilian workforce or just departing military service looking for a job.  However, this information is relevant for individuals in the corporate world as well.

Micro Manager, just the title stirs bad feelings, anxious moments, and regretful memories.  Continue Reading

A Conversation with Burn-In Author & Futurist P.W. Singer

The Challenges in Defeating a New Modern Enemy

By Lawrence Dietz
Adjunct Faculty, Intelligence Studies at American Military University

To defeat an enemy in this environment, McChrystal noted, leaders must be enablers of their followers, not an oracle from which all decisions emanate. This conclusion took him many years to learn and required an evolution of his personal leadership style.

The U.S. Army is Rolling Along With WWII-Inspired Uniform