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Six Top Companies That Hire Military Veterans

By Ray Holder
Guest Contributor, In Military Education

The United States Armed Forces are a revered people. We take immense pride in and afford a high place of honor to our brave soldiers who put their lives on the line for our safety and security. Whether it’s the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, most Americans have a huge amount of respect for these servicemen and women. This has been reflected in a lot of places and situations in society. Perhaps none more so than in the job market.

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How Military Leaders Can Make the Career Transition to Civilian Life

By Dr. Jerry Pionk (Sergeant Major, US Army, retired) (1950-2014)
Former Faculty Member, School of Management at American Military University

In today’s climate of shrinking military budgets and personnel reductions, military members and recently released veterans must be prepared to make the transition to civilian life. The following are tips gleaned from various sources that may be helpful.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits

IBM’s Watson to Help Military Personnel Transition to Civilian Life

by Mohana Ravindranath
The Washington Post

Military personnel transitioning into civilian life can now ask a computer program for advice on how to write a resume, or how to interpret the GI Bill, for instance.

The United Services Automobile Association, an insurance company that provides financial services to military members and their families, is now using IBM's Watson technology to guide its customers through career- and finance- related questions.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits