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Podcast: What Issues Are Veterans Facing This Veterans Day?

Interview by Robin Adney
Special to InMilitaryEducation.com

George Vukovich, the Director of Veterans Outreach at American Military University, is our guest on this special Veterans Day podcast.

As we take a day of reflection to honor and thank the men and women who have served the United States, George discusses some of the challenges facing veterans as they enter the workforce, as well as some solutions American Military University presents that can enhance their job-seeking process. Continue Reading

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Four Reasons You Should Build a Tribe of Veterans

By Lydia Davey
Special to In Military Education – Military1.com

The right group of people can inspire you, support and nourish your best ideas, shoot down your worst ones, and help you take the breathless leap from what is to what can be.

American entrepreneur Seth Godin said, “A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

The framework for successful communication is already built into the veteran community. Continue Reading

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Talent-Starved Tech Firms Should Be Training Our Returning Veterans

By Valley Voices, Contributor

The unemployment rate for veterans is high. Way too high, especially for those who have served since September 11. The official number hovers around 10 percent, higher than for non-veterans. This means that nearly 250,000 Americans who have served are out of work. It is unacceptable.

What’s worse, it seems likely that this number will only grow as the military cuts back the size of its active-duty force and sequestration cuts further reduce the number of jobs in other branches of government or among government contractors. Continue Reading

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How To Create the Ideal LinkedIn Profile

By Laura Shin
Contributor to Forbes

As almost 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn, it’s imperative to put your best foot forward there.

But the amount of space the site offers can be intimidating. Is it helpful or just too much information to fill out every single section, including Test Scores, Courses, and Volunteering? What if you mention a personal interest that turns off a potential client or employer? Continue Reading

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How Military Leaders Can Make the Career Transition to Civilian Life

By Dr. Jerry Pionk (Sergeant Major, US Army, retired) (1950-2014)
Former Faculty Member, School of Management at American Military University

In today’s climate of shrinking military budgets and personnel reductions, military members and recently released veterans must be prepared to make the transition to civilian life. The following are tips gleaned from various sources that may be helpful.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits

Applying for Government Positions in New Jersey

by Bradley Hood In Military Education Contributor In 1871 the Federal Civil Service was established, and by 1909 most positions required an examination, a method designed to promote merit based selection in government service. Today this federal practice is no longer common, but many states in the US continue to use Civil Service Exams for competitive positions. Although I cannot claim to know about the process of every state, I recently went through part of the Civil Service process for my current state of residence: New Jersey. In NJ, most state and some county positions require a Civil Service examination.

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success