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4 Steps to Attacking Your Job Hunt Like a Sniper

By Aaron Saari
Special to In Military Education – Military1.com

Chris Kyle didn’t become “America’s Most Lethal Sniper” by firing thousands of rounds haphazardly from a machine gun. Like all snipers, he put an intense amount of thought into every shot he took.

You need to approach your job hunt in the same way. Don’t spew your resume to 100 different companies per day like a machine gunner. Continue Reading

Why Leadership Can't Be All About You

An Alternative Route To Success

By Alastair Dryburgh
Contributor to Forbes

Here is the current zeitgeist’s recipe for success:

  1. Pick your path (career, profession, business sector…);
  2. Put in your 10,000 hours of practice;
  3. Hope that you end up being in the top few percent of those in your field.

Point 3 is important, because more and more fields are becoming winner-take-all; the people in the top few percent, even if only very slightly better than the next 20%, enjoy the lion’s share of the rewards. Continue Reading

Depressed and Homeless: How the Tech Industry Positively Reshaped Two Lives

5 Books Every Veteran Should Read Before Starting a Business

By Aaron Saari
Special to In Military Education – Military1.com

Okay, time to talk tools. I’ve seen articles all over the internet discussing the qualities that make veterans great business owners (I’ve even written some myself). But the question I hear the most is, “Where do I start?” Good entrepreneurs know self-education is a crucial cornerstone of their success. Continue Reading

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5 Common Resume Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By J. Mason
InMilitaryEducation.com Staff

If you want to get your foot in the door, you need to make sure your resume is on point.

Being sloppy with your spelling, organization, or not bothering to customize your resume to the position you’re applying for can seriously hurt your chances. What you need are some simple tips to keep your experience in line with the job, and to get yourself noticed within the pile of applicants. Continue Reading

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How Michelin Attracts New Talent with Military Backgrounds

“We find that military experience develops a lot of core skills, particularly leadership, and we certainly appreciate those skills and the veterans we have in our company.”

An interesting quote from Pete Selleck, who this month celebrates his three-year anniversary as Chairman and President of Michelin North America Inc.

Selleck’s respect for veterans comes as no surprise, considering he earned a Bachelor of Science at the U.S. Continue Reading

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No Pain, No Gain: How You Know That You’re Learning

When learning anything new–whether it’s paddleboarding, cooking, or rocket science–you’re certain to experience disappointment, maybe even a little embarrassment or pain.

But as Kim Bessolo, a member of American Military University’s faculty, tells us in this article for BlogHer, not only is that a normal experience, it’s also a positive sign of growth.

Bumps, Bruises, and Other Sure Signs You Are Learning Continue Reading

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