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The Veteran Entrepreneur: Part 1

Words by Wes O’Donnell (AKA: The Veteran Entrepreneur), Professor of Leadership at Baker College, Army & Air Force Veteran, Host of the upcoming “Our American Legacy” TV Show, motivational speaker and Founder & Creative Director of Warrior Lodge Media Group.  American Military University MBA Graduate and Managing Editor of InMilitaryEducation.com.

Part 1: Business is War

“Entrepreneurship is jumping out of an airplane, and assembling your parachute on the way down.”

-Wes O’Donnell


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Career Opportunities in Statistics

By Martha Stillman
Faculty Member, Mathematics at American Public University

Statistics are used all around us for a wide variety of applications and statistics jobs are to be found in virtually every industry and service sector. Military recruiters rely on statistics to forecast how well they can fill the target hiring levels given to them each year and how to devise marketing campaigns that will attract new recruits.

Maximizing Military Education Benefits: An Insider’s View