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Student Profile: Using History to Educate Soldiers

Interview with AMU Alumna, Kelli Oliver


The following profile is the third in a series of student profiles of our students and alumni at the university.

Job title: Air Traffic Controller, U.S. Army

Degree earned: B.A. in History, 2011. Currently pursuing her M.A. in History at American Military University.

What have you been up to since earning your bachelor’s degree in history at AMU? Continue Reading

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State Defense Forces: Challenges and Opportunities of Recruiting and Retention

By Deano L. McNeil
Alumnus, Master of Public Administration at AMU

State defense forces (SDF) are volunteer military forces that U.S. states and commonwealths are authorized to maintain without federal obligations (or funding). Find out more about SDFs and what can be done to keep these modern-day militias ready and strong.

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