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Planting Seeds of Success in the Lives of Others

I recall the emotion as if it happened only yesterday: the overwhelming pride, the pure joy and the unshakable belief that I had truly helped another human being. Two years ago, I began mentoring a young veteran on how to start a small ecommerce business. Six months ago, he notified me that his online niche t-shirt business was earning just over $100,000 per month in gross sales.

Military Leaders Reveal Plans to Make Promotion Packages Totally Anonymous

Maximizing Your Transfer Credit: Part 1

By SSG Tonda (Dillivan-Rudoll) Navarrete
Military and Community College Outreach Director at American Military University

Note: This article was originally published at RallyPoint.

How many schools have you attended throughout your academic journey? Have you changed your career and educational goals every time you and your spouse change duty stations?

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AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits

AMU’s Top 10 for 2015: Our Year in Review

By In Military Staff

For American Military University, 2015 brought the heartwarming story #FindingKatrinaGirl, another accomplished graduating class, the successful launch of our versatile native app, and new, impactful resources for intelligence information. Our year in review highlights the year’s top university news, as shared by our weekly newsletter, The Insider.

  1. New Law to Require Passports for Domestic U.S.
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Military Leaders Reveal Plans to Make Promotion Packages Totally Anonymous