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Boeing's Exit From ICBM Bid Shouldn't Become Another Excuse To Delay Modernizing U.S. Nuclear Deterrent

On Wednesday, Inside Defense reported that Boeing unexpectedly told the Air Force that it would not respond to its Request for Proposal (RFP), arguing that the GBSD acquisition program’s current structure “does not provide a level playing field for fair competition.”

History of the GI Bill – Vets Owe a Debt of Gratitude to FDR and Two Unheralded Men

Airman on Paris-bound train could get Air Force medal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone’s military unit is nominating him for the prestigious Airman’s Medal in honor of his actions to subdue a heavily armed gunman on the Amsterdam-to-Paris train last Friday, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told reporters.

And Stone — whose nickname from his training days has been “Captain America” — could eventually be eligible for the Purple Heart, if French authorities conclude the attack was a terrorist event, according to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Continue Reading

History of the GI Bill – Vets Owe a Debt of Gratitude to FDR and Two Unheralded Men

The Tech Learning Curve: 5 Tips for Succeeding Online

By Leslie Olsen
In Military Education, Special Contributor

There's a learning curve for everyone when it comes to online education. Once you have the basics down it becomes a bit easier, and you'll get to optimize your learning style moving forward. Don't let being technologically illiterate stop you from pursuing your education online. 

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits