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Resources for Job Hunting in the Civilian Workplace


Vlog with George Vukovich
Gunnery Sergeant USMC (Ret.) and Director of Veterans Outreach, American Military University

During their military service, AMU students and alumni who are active-duty service members or veterans often acquire leadership experience, a team mentality, integrity and other skills valued by civilian employers. However, transitioning from the military to a civilian workplace requires considerable adjustment.

Fortunately, there is plenty of help available. In this vlog, AMU Director of Veterans Outreach George Vukovich explains the resources available to you, including online websites, the AMU Veterans Center and AMU’s Career Services Department.

Also, be sure to visit our April 13 Virtual Career Fair (VCF), dedicated to those who serve. Prep clinics for the VCF are available on April 4 and 5.

About the Speaker

George M. Vukovich, Jr., is the Director of Veterans Outreach at American Military University and the Director for the AMU Veterans Center in Charles Town, West Virginia. In addition, George is the staff and faculty advisor to the university’s Student Veterans of America chapter. George currently holds the position of co-chair to My VA Community Veterans Engagement Board and has held positions as a Board member to the Council of College for Military Educators and President of the Virginia Advisory Council for Military Education. He has a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and has completed work toward a master’s degree in public administration.