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VIDEO: Memorial Day 2018


Dr. Chris Reynolds speaks about what Memorial Day means to him:

Memorial Day means a lot to me. It means a lot to me, because of course, that’s when we pay homage to our veterans and pay homage to individuals that have given their lives for our country. I think people get lost in the meaning of Memorial Day because they’re excited about celebrating with their families.

They’re excited about a three-day weekend, they’re excited about hotdogs and swimming pools, beaches, and what have you, which is what a typical American holiday is, and they forget what the meaning of Memorial Day is.

It’s important to me because, as a veteran, I certainly can appreciate the risk that many have taken in the past to provide us the nation that we live in today. I think that we can often lose sight of that. We have to realize that while our reality is a hot dog and maybe a root beer or a cold beer at home with our families, the reality of our young men and women who are serving our country, either through a lonely patrol, through a neighborhood in Balad, or protecting an airfield in Kandahar, or on coastal watch duty in the Persian Gulf, their reality every day is that they’re protecting our right to celebrate Memorial Day.

I think that it’s often forgotten, maybe not purposely. It’s just forgotten because it’s forgotten. It’s important that men and women that have served in the military are men and women that are aware of the meaning of Memorial Day, remember, and remind our fellow Americans the significance of the Memorial Day holiday and truly what it means.

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