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Learn to Communicate Skills for Career Success

*This article is part of In Public Safety’s September focus on career transitions*  See original article HERE!

By Kristen Carter, M.Ed., Career Services at American Military University

Whether you are retiring from the military, transitioning from the classroom, or simply looking to move into the public service field, identifying and communicating your military service and other skills to potential employers is essential. Continue Reading

Why Leadership Can't Be All About You

The Dangers of Micro Managers!

Words by Jimmy Earley, Contributor at Warriorlodge.com

I am writing for the transitioning military person who is either moving from position to position within the civilian workforce or just departing military service looking for a job.  However, this information is relevant for individuals in the corporate world as well.

Micro Manager, just the title stirs bad feelings, anxious moments, and regretful memories.  Continue Reading

Why Leadership Can't Be All About You

Top 10 Cities for Job Seeking Veterans

By Wes O'Donnell
Founder and Creative Director of Warrior Lodge Media Group

Currently there are almost 2.6 million post 9/11 veterans living in the United States today, with another million predicted to be leaving the military through the year 2016 according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. With an unemployment rate of 10%, veterans have a very important choice to make regarding the city in which they decide to live after separating from the military.

Why Leadership Can't Be All About You

Not Dead, Not Retired, 91-Year-Old Veteran, Entrepreneur Gives Back

By Devin Thorpe

Jack Nadel has been doing business since the end of World War II. Most people his age, quite frankly, are dead and the rest are retired. Nadel is passionate about sharing his collected wisdom with veterans and others who are working to start businesses. He has written a book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur, that features 50 of his best business tips.

Why Leadership Can't Be All About You

Why Companies Need to Take a Second Look at Hiring Military Veterans

By Joann Muller

A lot of companies boast about their military hiring initiatives, but when it comes right down to it, few companies really do a good job of it. Despite their good intentions, companies often find that military experience isn’t easily translated into civilian jobs so they skip over them in favor of someone with the formal degree or certification on their resume. That’s why unemployment rates for military veterans remain higher than for the civilian population.

Why Leadership Can't Be All About You