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How To Ensure Past Success Doesn’t Tank Your New Job

Arriving into an executive role is fraught with risk. Know your context. Hit the ground learning, not running.

Three months of interviews, a killer presentation, and you’re now in your freshly painted office eager to prove hiring you was a brilliant decision. You’ve given your “I’m going to spend my first months learning the business, getting to know people, and reaaaalllly listening” speech because that’s what your headhunter told you newly arrived executives say. Continue Reading

Hiring Veterans: The Best-Kept Secret in Business

Indiana veterans returning home face dearth of services

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana has a large number of veterans who are returning home as the Army thins its ranks and winds down overseas engagements, placing more demand on a network of veterans’ services that is already stretched thin.

Unfortunately for Hoosiers coming home, local veterans advocates says Indiana lags far behind other states when it comes to getting services to those in need. Continue Reading

5 Reasons Military Spouses Should Apply for MyCAA School Funding

What To Do About Public Speaking’s Dirty Little Secret

One of the dirty secrets of public speaking is that audiences don’t remember much of what you say. I’ve seen a range of studies over the years showing retention of anywhere from 10 to 30% of what an audience hears.

Many, many efforts have been made to increase that percentage. Microsoft funded some studies hoping to find out that the judicious use of PowerPoint increased retention. Continue Reading

VIDEO: Memorial Day 2019 Tribute Featuring Ronald Reagan

Learn to Communicate Skills for Career Success

*This article is part of In Public Safety’s September focus on career transitions*  See original article HERE!

By Kristen Carter, M.Ed., Career Services at American Military University

Whether you are retiring from the military, transitioning from the classroom, or simply looking to move into the public service field, identifying and communicating your military service and other skills to potential employers is essential. Continue Reading

VIDEO: Memorial Day 2019 Tribute Featuring Ronald Reagan

The Dangers of Micro Managers!

Words by Jimmy Earley, Contributor at Warriorlodge.com

I am writing for the transitioning military person who is either moving from position to position within the civilian workforce or just departing military service looking for a job.  However, this information is relevant for individuals in the corporate world as well.

Micro Manager, just the title stirs bad feelings, anxious moments, and regretful memories.  Continue Reading

VIDEO: Memorial Day 2019 Tribute Featuring Ronald Reagan