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Black Friday: Tips from a Seasoned Shopper

By Liam M. Truchard
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.)

It can be treacherous, confusing, and even slightly dangerous to go shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The number of sales seem overwhelming…was that a Black Friday bargain or a Shop Local deal or, for gosh sakes, web only!?!

Deep breath. Trust me, we can do this. Here are some strategies from a savvy holiday-week shopper:


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The Man Who Broke the Sound Barrier Turns 97

Operations Research in the Military

by AMU Mathematics Faculty
American Military University

Operations Research (OR) was first used during World War II to assist high level decision makers with analyses that could be used to support planning for strategic ground, air, and maritime operations.  Analysis by operations analysts and researchers provided carefully researched and focused data and analyses to provide answers to questions from the senior commanders or to provide them with insights that would allow them to make more informed plans and decisions.

The Man Who Broke the Sound Barrier Turns 97

The 10 Best Jobs for Veterans

by Susan Adams - Forbes
Special to In Military Education

Many veterans returning to the U.S. from stints overseas have years of job experience under their belts, yet they feel daunted by the challenge of making the transition into the civilian workforce. Often they’ve put in five, ten or more years in the field but they don’t have college degrees. While they may have driven heavy equipment, supervised troops, worked as medics or done computer programming, they’re not sure how to apply those skills in the civilian world.

New Research Shows Companies Are Changing Their Views on Hiring Veterans

Recommendations for Planning Schoolwork

by Bradley Hood Contributor, InMilitaryEducation.com Every student has a different approach to their school work. The variable circumstances of the individual student and his/her life and program mean that no approach will be one-size-fits-all. I can also attest that over time what works best for any one individual will change, and how I slog through my master's program today is entirely different from my approach to school work from as recent as even a year ago. However, while what works may change over time, there are a couple of basic foundations which can help aid a busy student in accomplishing their education goals, one week (or day) at a time.

Three Reasons You Need To Say ‘No’ More Often

COL Phil’s View: The Academic View

by Col. Phil McNair Contributor, In Military Education Let’s conclude our four-part series on classroom tactics with a dual view of what going to class is all about.  On one hand you take classes to gain knowledge.  Ideally you leave college having learned something - perhaps quite a lot - about a field of study that you are interested in.  Let’s call this the academic view.

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits