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The Madness of Chinese Communism, Seen Through China’s Propaganda Posters

SHANGHAI, CHINA—Shanghai is China’s financial capital. The former Western concession today shows little sign of the many bitter political battles fought over the last century. Tourists throng the Bund along the Huangpu River while global corporations fill the skyscrapers in Pudong, across the water.

Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China, also has come to look like a normal city. Continue Reading

Kerry seeks path to calm in Syria, holds talks in Geneva

Heading up the Joint Chiefs of Staff: 5 Notable Chairmen

By The Associated Press

A "joint board" bringing together top leaders of the U.S. military was established in 1903 during President Theodore Roosevelt's administration. It gained members after World War I but remained largely advisory. The joint board was eclipsed during World War II by a "unified high command" that became known as the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The National Security Act of 1947 formally established its official role in military matters.

10 Things to Know for Today

State Defense Forces: Challenges and Opportunities of Recruiting and Retention

By Deano L. McNeil
Alumnus, Master of Public Administration at AMU

State defense forces (SDF) are volunteer military forces that U.S. states and commonwealths are authorized to maintain without federal obligations (or funding). Find out more about SDFs and what can be done to keep these modern-day militias ready and strong.

New GI Bill Expands Veterans’ Educational Opportunities

Obama Addresses Free College Education in State of the Union Speech

By Marty McKee
Editor, In Military Education

President Obama spoke the words “education” or “educational” four times during last night’s State of the Union address. If that number seems a little low, know that it came attached to a big proposal.

Among the many items on his agenda that the president spoke about was America’s College Promise – a proposal that would allow students to attend community college free for two years, saving up to $7,600 in the process. Continue Reading

New GI Bill Expands Veterans’ Educational Opportunities

Student Veterans Avoid Reduced Housing Allowance. For Now.

By Marty McKee
Editor, In Military Education

The American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and the House Armed Services Committee worked hard last week to prevent veteran students on the GI Bill from losing some of their basic housing allowances.

Despite all the lobbying, however, the collaboration among organizations and committees accomplished only a temporary fix. Continue Reading

New GI Bill Expands Veterans’ Educational Opportunities