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10 Ways to Support Military Spouses This Mother’s Day

The stress of parenting alone while a spouse is deployed or in training can become overwhelming. I often heard civilian friends tell me, “I wish I had known what to do to help.” As an independent, “I can do it all myself” type of person, I didn’t ask for help when I needed it. But there are ways to easily provide assistance to military spouses. Here are 10 ways to help a military wife this Mother’s Day or any other day during the year.

Girl Gets Last Postcard From KIA Dad Tattooed

While visiting one of our favorite Facebook pages, Support Tattooed Military, we stumbled across this picture.  We have to admit, this one hit us all right in the feels.

“Non military families will never truly understand the struggle of a deployment… Her dad was K.I.A. 5 years ago and a few months ago she found this post card from when she was a child. Continue Reading

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