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Ten Reasons A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Is One Of The Safest Places To Be In A War

Large-deck, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are the signature expression of American military power. They enable U.S. warfighters to sustain devastating air attacks against hostile forces on land or at sea for months at a time, precisely hitting hundreds of targets each day. And unlike some other combat systems, they don’t need access to bases ashore to accomplish their missions.

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Iran’s Leaders Attack ‘Bullying White House’ — ‘U.S. Playing A Dangerous Game’

Iran has “always emerged victorious against White House bullying leaders,” claimed the country’s president, according to Iranian state media on Wednesday. Hassan Rouhani was addressing a regional council session in Maku late on Tuesday, telling his audience that Iran will not “bow its head in the face of bullies.”

VIDEO: Memorial Day 2019 Tribute Featuring Ronald Reagan