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Should Veterans Be Allowed to Use Their GI Bill to Start a Business?

Words by Brooke Nason, Contributing Editor at MilitaryVeterans.net

The GI Bill has long been used to further the education of veterans after they have finished serving their country. Now there could be another potential use for these funds. Back in July, the Senate Small Business Committee advanced a measure that would give 250 veterans the chance to use their GI Bill funds as a grant to start up a business instead of using it for college tuition. Continue Reading

Student Veterans Avoid Reduced Housing Allowance. For Now.

By Marty McKee
Editor, In Military Education

The American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and the House Armed Services Committee worked hard last week to prevent veteran students on the GI Bill from losing some of their basic housing allowances.

Despite all the lobbying, however, the collaboration among organizations and committees accomplished only a temporary fix. Continue Reading

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