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How Do You Know If Someone Is Worth Following On Social Media?

By Mandy Edwards
Contributor to Business 2 Community

The world of social media and digital marketing is full of fakes and frauds. I’m serious. How many “experts” do you come across that have only 20 Twitter followers? People in my profession are a dime a dozen. However, there are some really, really good people out there really kickin' it and are worth your follow.

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When Multitasking Is a Good Thing

By Peter Bregman
Contributor to Forbes

By now, we all know multitasking doesn’t work. Our brains are incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. We might think we’re multitasking as we scan our email while on a conference call, but we’re not. We’re actually switch-tasking—quickly shifting attention from one thing to another and then back again—diluting our focus and losing precious seconds each time we switch. Continue Reading

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Using Technology to Help Veterans Transition Into College

By Marty McKee
Editor, In Military Education

Making the transition from military life to university life can be difficult for veterans.

Programs have been proposed and/or implemented over the years to help make the transition go smoothly. One tool used by some universities, including American Military University, to great success bears the intimidating name of Fidelis Learning Relationship Management System. Continue Reading

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6 Essential Productivity Tips For Introverts

By Christina Park
Contributor to Forbes

Introverts tend to have tremendous powers of concentration, enabling them to dig deep and work in happy solitude for long periods of time.

But in today’s fast-paced workplace, challenges abound. After being bombarded by a constant stream of emails, distractions, and external stimulation, introverts may find themselves feeling frazzled and losing focus. Continue Reading

Military Spouses: Achieving Online Education Success

Why Grad School Is Now Even More Attractive For Entrepreneurs

By Shane Robinson
Contributor to Forbes

Not too long ago, I ascribed to the notion that higher education was an unnecessary waste of time.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve relied on ambition, creativity, a relentless sense of “getting things done” (sometimes at the expense of my personal life), the ability to wear many hats, the love of risk and adventure, and the awareness of the need to constantly adapt. Continue Reading

AMU’s Freedom Grant: Maximize Your Military Education Benefits