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Think Like Franklin: How Technology Will Improve Our Schools

On a warm, breezy day in the summer of 1758, Benjamin Franklin took off a dry shirt and put on a wet one. He was testing a hypothesis: would he feel cooler wearing a wet shirt in a breeze? As it turned out, he did.

So Franklin applied his experiment to mercury.  He wet the end of a mercury thermometer with ether and blew on it.   Continue Reading

Who Packs Your Parachute?

“Why Culture is so Important to Small Business Success”

The simple fact is, a carefully cultivated culture is one of the most important components of success for a small business. Many businesses have amazing business models. Many businesses have brilliant strategic plans. Very few have the combination of a business model, strategic plan and a compelling culture. When the three are combined, success is almost guaranteed. Continue Reading

Upcoming Webinar: Decision-Making and Counter Terrorism

Guest post from In Homeland Security

The VACCINE Center and American Military University are proud to announce the launch of a bimonthly webinar series beginning July 31, 2015 from 11 am to 12:30 pm EST. The first webinar, “Decision-Making and Counter Terrorism: How the Visual Analytics of Data Can Help Save Lives” will be highlighted by co-presenters Dr. Dennis Thom, VACCINE Center PI, of The Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems, University of Stuttgart and Dr. James Hess, Faculty Director & Associate Professor of Intelligence & Terrorism Studies at AMU.

How Military Spouses Can Reach Educational and Career Goals

Why Companies Need to Take a Second Look at Hiring Military Veterans

By Joann Muller

A lot of companies boast about their military hiring initiatives, but when it comes right down to it, few companies really do a good job of it. Despite their good intentions, companies often find that military experience isn’t easily translated into civilian jobs so they skip over them in favor of someone with the formal degree or certification on their resume. That’s why unemployment rates for military veterans remain higher than for the civilian population.

WW II Veteran to Graduate 68 Years After Leaving College

Domestic Emergency Response Options: Naval Militia

By LTC (OH) Deano L. McNeil, MPA, MCP
In Military Education, Guest Contributor

The United States government and the governments of the states and territories utilize a multi-tiered military and emergency management force structure to prepare and respond to issues pertaining to homeland security and domestic military operations. However, within the area of state defense forces, one of the most overlooked and underutilized homeland security assets are naval militia forces.

VIDEO: Memorial Day 2018