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In Defense of For-Profit Colleges

For-profit colleges have been targeted by government officials, including President Obama and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who claim these schools take advantage of low-income students, burdening them with student debt and limited job prospects upon graduation (if they graduate at all). Yet, these same officials are unfairly aiming their crosshairs at for-profit institutions while applying weaker standards and greater accommodation with not-for-profit schools. Continue Reading

Should Professors Treat Military Students Differently?

Indiana veterans returning home face dearth of services

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana has a large number of veterans who are returning home as the Army thins its ranks and winds down overseas engagements, placing more demand on a network of veterans’ services that is already stretched thin.

Unfortunately for Hoosiers coming home, local veterans advocates says Indiana lags far behind other states when it comes to getting services to those in need. Continue Reading

All Secure Foundation: Returning Warriors to Civilian Life

Student Profile: Using History to Educate Soldiers

Interview with AMU Alumna, Kelli Oliver


The following profile is the third in a series of student profiles of our students and alumni at the university.

Job title: Air Traffic Controller, U.S. Army

Degree earned: B.A. in History, 2011. Currently pursuing her M.A. in History at American Military University.

What have you been up to since earning your bachelor’s degree in history at AMU? Continue Reading

Should Professors Treat Military Students Differently?