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Army Strong: You’re Not Stealing My Motorcycle!

By J. Thompson

Having lived for years in Los Angeles where televised high-speed police chases through the Inland Empire seemed more common than a day without smog—I’m not one to be easily distracted by a police pursuit broadcast by a local news chopper. But there I was at dinner with family, watching intently as a shiny white pickup truck slalomed dangerously through rush-hour traffic, blowing through intersections, and putting many commuters’ lives in danger. Continue Reading

An Army medic saved dozens of men in the Vietnam War. Now he's been awarded the Medal of Honor.

They were a couple: The striking difference between the San Bernardino suspects and other mass shooters

San Bernardino police said late Wednesday they were "reasonably confident" the two suspects shot dead during a gunfight in Redlands, Ca. were the same two shooters who killed 14 and injured 17 at the nearby Inland Regional Center earlier that day and that there was no third person involved.

Eagles, Redskins Play on Oblivious to Pearl Harbor Attack