Battle of the Branches: Did Your Colors Shine?

Battle of the Branches: Did Your Colors Shine?

Battle of the Branches: Did Your Colors Shine?


By Jessica Stasiw
Staff, American Military University

At AMU, we don’t field sports teams and you won’t find a stadium with our name on it. We’re a worldwide team of students and alumni who proudly serve our nation and our communities. AMU’s slogan, Our Athletes Don’t Play Games, illustrates how every day is game day for our students and alumni.

For the past five weeks, we’ve featured compelling student stories representing all five military branches through our #OADPG series. Each author shared his or her personal life experience, and explored what the slogan, “Our Athletes Don’t Play Games” meant to them, in their own words. Their stories reached thousands of colleagues and alumni around the world, and created new fans, too. They proudly donned new shirts from our popular OADPG merchandise collection, which you can also order to help support the campaign and give to a worthy cause.

AMU’s student body represents the pride and determination of U.S. servicemembers and their families,  whether inside the military or out, who protect our nation and our communities. We’re proud of our student and alumni, and the collection of insights provided by our outstanding writers who submitted their stories below.

Highlights from the #OADPG Series

Air Force – Jets to Higher Education
Wes O’Donnell transitions from the Army to the Air Force and discovers how two remarkably different cultures helped make him the speaker, entrepreneur and leader he is today.

Marines – Family Legacy
The Marine Corps is more than an individual calling for DeAnn Wandler, who was inspired by her father and grandfather’s service to become the first female Marine in her family.

Coast Guard – Misconceptions and Missions
Jason Himsey, who served as a Ceremonial Honor Guard and protected the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, shares with pride his Coastie experiences.

Army – Careers and John Wayne
Linwood Harrison shares his journey from the Marines to the Army. Entry into the 82nd Airborne Division was his driving ambition for the change.

Navy – Serving in Higher Ed
Bill McCormick had a lifelong passion for learning that didn’t come to fruition until the end of his tours of service. In his story, he talks about how a life change altered his course destination to serving those who have served through higher education.

Are You Ready to Show Your Colors?

You’re invited to order your own shirt and other merchandise featuring the OADPG logo. They’re selling fast at the AMU Campus store. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of AMU Campus Store items will also be donated to Team Semper Fi. This charity supports recovery through sport for more than 1,000 servicemembers who are overcoming significant challenges by embracing a fighting, athletic spirit on their road to healing.

Tell Us Your Story

What’s your branch story? Send us your story for a chance to receive one of our special edition OADPG shirts and be featured on AMU’s site.