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Stratospheric Balloons Will Rain Tiny Electronic Spies From The Sky

Google sister company Loon has just launched a service providing 4G internet to remote parts of Kenya from stratospheric balloons at 65,000 feet. The commercial launch shows the steerable balloon technology, which Loon has been working with since 2011, is now reliable enough for everyday use. This is a powerful new capability that the military is keen to exploit.

Turkey Is Deploying Lots Of Air Defense Systems In Syria And Libya

In recent months, Turkey has deployed an array of air defense missile systems in Syria and Libya to deter and defend against air and drone attacks mounted by its rivals in these war zones.

Electromagnetic Pulses Are A Perfect Sneak Attack. Pentagon Developing Ways To Detect One.

A tank commander on the front line radios in a report during an international crisis…and there is no response. Has a stealthy electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack destroyed the radio electronics in the opening a shot of a new war? Has it hit just the platoon or the whole division? Or is the problem just a broken radio antenna?

China Says U.S. Navy Exercises In South China Sea Undermine Stability In Region

China on Monday criticized joint naval exercises conducted by two U.S. Navy aircraft carrier groups in the South China Sea on July 4, accusing the U.S of undermining stability in the region.

‘Out-Gunned And Out-Ranged’—Britain Could Cut 20,000 Soldiers Plus Airlifters And Helicopters

The United Kingdom’s conservative government is moving forward with a potentially controversial strategic defense review. If previous reviews are any indication, the U.K. armed forces are about to suffer deep cuts.

US, Russia share a complex and bloody history in Afghanistan

Moscow and Washington are intertwined in a complex and bloody history in Afghanistan, with both suffering thousands of dead and wounded in conflicts lasting for years.