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US Space Force Is Getting Its Own NCO Academy

U.S. Space Force may not have its own academy or boot camp, but the newest military branch is establishing a non-commissioned officer academy for its enlisted space members, according to the service's top leader.

The Military Is Developing a ‘Close Combat Assault Ration’ Up to 40% Lighter than an MRE

As the U.S. military prepares for future fights that may see units dispersed and on their own for extended periods of time, it needs new, lighter rations that will keep troops fueled for the mission.

This Air Force Unit Will Be the First to Get Better-Fitting Security Forces Body Armor

The U.S. Air Force is finally ready to begin fielding body armor specifically designed for female airmen in Security Forces units.

Japan rejects nuclear ban treaty; survivors to keep pushing

Japan said Monday it will not sign a U.N. treaty that bans nuclear weapons and does not welcome its entry into force next year, rejecting the wishes of atomic bomb survivors in Japan who are urging the government to join and work for a nuclear-free world.

‘Shots in Arms Within 24 Hours:’ Army General’s Complex Vaccine Delivery Task Takes Shape

Once a COVID-19 vaccine is ready, all eyes will be on a four-star Army officer -- Gen. Gus Perna -- to head up a complicated and staged distribution system that will get it into the hands of Americans.

Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalion Preps for Deactivation in Force Reshaping

Another Marine Corps unit cased its colors this month as it prepares for an upcoming deactivation.