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Virus takes toll on US military as it tries to aid civilians

The coronavirus is taking a growing toll on the U.S. military, and commanders and senior officials are bracing for worse. From nuclear missile fields at home to war zones abroad, from flight lines to ships at sea, the Pentagon is striving to shield vital missions even as it faces urgent calls for help on the civilian front.

COVID-19 Claims Aircraft Carrier USS Roosevelt As Latest Victim

The coronavirus aboard ship has forced the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier to dock in Guam in the middle of a deployment, a move that might represent the military’s most dramatic move yet to react to the global pandemic.

Military Pensions Too Generous? Will They Be Cut?

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director David Stockman called the military retirement plan a “scandal” and an “outrage.”

Trump's Space Force Just Launched Its First-Ever Satellite Into Orbit

The first space mission has been launched for the U.S. Space Force, an additional sixth branch of the U.S. military created in 2019 by President Trump, with the goal of providing next-generation military communications back on Earth.

Iraqi military says 2 rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone

Iraq's military on Thursday said at least two rockets hit inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, the seat of Iraq's government and home to the American Embassy, in the first attack following a brief lull in violence from earlier this month.

COVID-19: 'Significant' Help For Defense Industry In $2 TRILLION Relief Package

Military officials expect to see “significant” help for the defense industry in the $2 trillion relief bill currently being hashed out in Congress to steady the teetering national economy.