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Pompeo in Saudi Arabia for visit focused on Iranian threats

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and the crown prince on Thursday to discuss shared security interests in the Gulf and threats from Iran.

Space Force Wants $5B For Anti-Jam Satcoms

With military space leaders increasingly worried about fighting through jamming during conflict, the Air Force’s 2021 budget request includes $205.2 million, an increase of $41.5 million from the $163.7 allocated by Congress in 2020, for development of a new, hard-to-jam satcom system for US and even allied troops on the battlefield.

Colonel aboard space station to enlist 800 Army recruits

When more than 800 Army recruits across the United States take the oath of enlistment later this month, they'll have someone to look up to – way up.

Pentagon chief visits nuke base to highlight weapon spending

Defense Secretary Mark Esper used his first-ever visit to a nuclear missile field in frigid North Dakota to tout the Trump administration's multibillion-dollar plan for a top-to-bottom modernization of the nuclear arsenal. The costly project is necessary, he said, to keep up with Russia and outpace China.

States That Defend Us: Where Do Our Military Volunteers Call Home?

Using enlistment rates to gauge the regional willingness to volunteer for the armed forces betrays a common misunderstanding of the way the U.S. military operates. What matters is accessions to the military, not enlistments.

Which Country Spends Most Per Person On Defense? It Might Not Be The One You Think

For the defense industry, there are few better customers than Middle East states. Many of them have deep pockets and even those that don’t are still willing to spend heavily.