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Pentagon orders review of international student vetting

The Pentagon on Tuesday ordered a broad review of vetting procedures for international students who participate in training on U.S. military installations and demanded the process be strengthened, in direct reaction to last week's deadly shooting at a Pensacola Navy base by a Saudi aviation student.

The New START Treaty Keeps Nuclear Arsenals In Check And President Trump Must Act To Preserve It

Nuclear arms control is reportedly on the agenda for a rush-meeting between Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today.

US flag, signed by soldiers and hidden in Iraq for 14 years, inspires message from Trump

The story of an American flag, signed by U.S. troops and hidden from Iraqi insurgents for nearly 15 years, has inspired President Donald Trump to write to the soldier who brought it home.

The Virginia Class Submarines Are 3 Classes In 1

Last week, the U.S. Navy and America’s big submarine manufacturers celebrated the signing of a long-delayed contract for a fifth tranche of Virginia class submarines.

Cautious Congress Makes Space Force AFSPC In All But Name

The new Space Force will be led by a Chief of Space Operations (CSO) who will serve under the Air Force and sit on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, mandates the new NDAA approved late last night.

Defense Department reviewing security of US installations following two deadly base shootings

Military bases across the U.S. are being directed to reassess their security measures following the two deadly shootings last week at Navy installations.