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North Korea’s Artillery Could Inflict 200,000 Casualties In Just One Hour

Think 200,000 casualties in one hour. That’s 3,333 people killed or wounded per minute, or about 55 people per second.

Navy One-Stars Take More Risks, While Marines Value Discipline, Rand Study Finds

A new Rand Corp. study offers a report card for each of the U.S. military's systems to create generals and admirals that could shape the Pentagon's future approach to building joint-force leaders.

Why Does South Korea Want Ballistic Missiles? Because It Can’t Rely On America

For years, South Korea has refrained from developing long-range ballistic missiles. In return, it sheltered under America’s military umbrella against North Korean attack.

US Troops May Not Get Priority for COVID-19 Vaccine After All

Critical decisions on who will be first to get a possible COVID-19 vaccine have yet to be made, according to the director of Operation Warp Speed, the whole-of-government effort to develop and distribute a safe and effective immunization.

Space Force Members Called ‘Space Warfighters’ in New Doctrinal Publication

The Space Force released an official doctrine Monday, outlining the culture of the all-new military service and officially designating the cosmos as a warfighting domain.

Service Chiefs to SecDef: Stop the Handover of Military Hospitals to Defense Health Agency

The heads of the U.S. military branches are calling on the Defense Department to stop the transfer of all medical facilities to the Defense Health Agency, saying the novel coronavirus pandemic has shown that the plan to convey the services' hospitals and clinics to the agency is "not viable."