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VA tried to reallocate $460 million earmarked for homeless veterans. Now it says that won't happen.

The Department of Veterans Affairs appears to be backtracking on its divisive plan to reallocate nearly a half-billion dollars from a successful program to reduce homelessness among former military personnel, bowing to pressure from lawmakers and advocacy groups who criticized the effort as cruel and counterproductive.

Where the North Korean Crisis Meets the Iran Nuclear Deal

By virtue of its military might, the United States has the unique ability to quickly—and credibly—place its most intractable adversaries under existential threat.

The Air Force failed to alert the FBI about Devin Kelley. Other branches are much worse at reporting violent criminals.

A review of the Defense Department released Tuesday found significant failures throughout the military to report violent offenders to federal law enforcement, a breakdown that allowed Air Force veteran Devin Kelley to purchase the firearms he used to commit a massacre in Texas last month.

Iconic B-52 Bomber Epitomizes Air Power, And The Way Weapons Ought To Be Bought

The U.S. Air Force is meeting with industry this month to discuss options for upgrading engines on its B-52 bombers. When is the last time a military service decided to buy new engines for a combat aircraft that has been in service more than 60 years?

As US, allies show off military force, China shows growing unease

As North Korea's provocations push the US and its allies to take steps to increase pressure on the rouge state, China appears to be growing increasingly uneasy.

US Navy Is NOT Ready For Major War: Ex-Skippers, Bob Work

The US surface fleet may not be adequately trained for high-intensity combat, four experienced former skippers and the former deputy secretary of defense warned a US Naval Institute conference here on Monday.