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Why David Calhoun's Onboarding As CEO Of Boeing Is A Work In Progress

Assume the replacement of Dennis Muildenburg as Boeing’s CEO has been in the works for a while. Job #1 for the CEO of a production-focused company is to keep the planes from falling down.

Eyeing DoD Biz, Inmarsat Buys Airborne Terminals

With an eye on increased DoD interest in commercial satcom, Inmarsat Government is buying airborne terminals for use with its Global Xpress network from Israeli firm Orbit Communications Systems Ltd.

How The U.S. Navy Remains The Masters Of Modular Nuclear Reactors

You might be aware of the 98 or so commercial nuclear power reactors that produce about 20% of our electricity.

Russia In 2019: Testing The Limits Of Technology

If Russia makes the news in the west these days, it is may well be tales of computer hacking, or manipulating social media and attempting to influence politics.

Fake News And Nuclear Weapons Don't Play Well Together In The South China Sea

Towards the end of last month, a story began flooding the internet about a nuclear detonation in the South China Sea, that China purportedly had exploded one of their new tactical nukes.

Congress criticizes how Coast Guard investigates harassment

The U.S. Coast Guard's leadership has failed to conduct prompt, thorough and impartial investigations of harassment and bullying allegations, according to a congressional investigation released Wednesday.