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US, South Korea agree 'in principle' on military cost-sharing deal

The United States and South Korea have agreed "in principle" on a military cost-sharing deal, the State Department said Tuesday, in a move that would settle a key dispute between the longtime allies amid sensitive nuclear talks with North Korea.

Army secretary seeks to help families through fewer moves, spouse job opportunities

The Army wants to stabilize family life for soldiers by moving them less often and improving access to jobs for their working spouses, the service's top civilian said Tuesday.

Cloud Computing, Armageddon, & How Not to Sell IT to DoD

Just when you thought the Pentagon’s new cloud strategy was all about adopting private sector practices, it makes an offhand reference to Armageddon.

When World War I raged, a D.C. professor fought for black officers' participation

On May 3, 1917, a letter appeared in a Washington newspaper posing a stark question: "What of the negro?" The letter's author was T. Montgomery Gregory, an English professor at Howard University who had been moved to write by events that were rapidly unspooling in the capital.

What Would Space Force FIX? No One Would Notice Its Disappearance

Born as what most thought was a joke in March 2018, President Trump’s Space Force had by June become a White House directive to the Pentagon

Five Reasons The Navy’s D5 Missile Is The Most Important Weapon In The U.S. Arsenal

Last week, the Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs office awarded Lockheed Martin a $560 million modification to a pre-existing contract for production and support of the Trident II D5 missile.