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3 big questions about North Korea and no-precondition talks

Over the past year, tensions between North Korea and the United States have increased significantly because of Pyongyang's frequent weapons tests. With fears of a nuclear conflict growing, outside experts have called for direct talks between the two nations to defuse the situation.

Beijing threatens 'military force' if US warship docks in Taiwan

Any exchanges between the militaries or government officials of the US and Taiwan would be resolutely opposed, said a Beijing spokesman said on Wednesday.

Hard Lessons from America's Longest Wars

American troops have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for so long that the public doesn’t even celebrate their victories or mourn their defeats any more.

UN chief: Iran may be defying UN on missiles, OK on nukes

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is warning that Iran may be defying a U.N. call to halt ballistic missile development even as it complies with the nuclear deal with six world powers.

How U.S. weapons helped the Islamic State fuel 'the industrial revolution of terrorism'

The Islamic State may stand alone in its brutality in Iraq and Syria, where it orchestrated civilian massacres and suicide bombings and salted people's homes with thousands of improvised explosives.

There's a deadly new threat from North Korea

North Korea has already provided plenty of evidence that the dynastic regime led by Kim Jong Un threatens the world and its own people.