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Space Wars: Why Top Military Leaders Say US Must Prep for Battles Beyond Earth

The U.S. military relies so heavily on space-based technologies to keep its edge on the battlefield that adversaries see the dependence as a big weakness – and they're already testing ways to attack it.

UN probe: Both Koreas violate armistice in gunfire exchange

A U.N. investigation into a recent exchange of gunfire between the two Koreas has determined that both countries violated the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean War, the American-led U.N. Command said Tuesday.

Some veterans must file information to receive stimulus money for dependents

Veterans ACT NOW before May 5th deadline. The Department of Veterans Affairs said stimulus checks will be sent automatically to veterans who receive VA benefits but don't typically file tax returns. However, those veterans need to fill out an online form to get additional money for dependents.

Pentagon seeking Iraqi permission to deploy missile defenses

The United States has asked Iraq for permission to put Patriot missile systems at bases hosting U.S. troops to improve defenses against attacks like the Jan. 8 Iranian missile strike that caused brain injuries to more than 50 U.S. troops, Pentagon officials said Thursday.

Final goodbye: Recalling influential people who died in 2019

A sharecropper's son who rose through the seats of power to become one of the nation's most influential voices. A Republican who went on to lead the U.S. Supreme Court's liberal wing. A lauded writer who brought to light stories overshadowed by prejudice.

Decade In Review: Cars And Bikes That Helped Define The 2010s

Cars have had an impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives for more than a century. They are as much a part of our popular culture as music, art, literature, fashion and film.