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Do U.S. troops have a future in Iraq?

During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Trump offered a defense of two recent and controversial foreign-policy decisions: His attempt to pull U.S. troops out of Syria and the administration's peace talks with the Taliban, which could lead to a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Attacking Artificial Intelligence: How To Trick The Enemy

With the US, Russia, and China all investing in Artificial Intelligence for their armed forces, people often worry the Terminator is going to come to life and kill them. But given the glaring vulnerabilities of AI, maybe the Terminator ought to be afraid of us.

Army Plan To Delay Chinook Helicopter Upgrades May Have Big Jobs, Political Consequences

The Pentagon hasn’t yet revealed its budget request for the fiscal year beginning October 1, but some details have begun to leak out.

Cost of border deployments could approach $1 billion by end of fiscal year

The cost of President Trump's deployment of active-duty troops and National Guard forces to the U.S. border with Mexico could approach an estimated $1 billion by the end of the fiscal year should the missions continue apace until then, according to figures the Department of Defense has released and independent assessments.

U.S. cuts some military assistance to Cameroon, citing allegations of human rights violations

The United States is scaling back its security assistance to Cameroon following credible allegations that the Cameroonian military carried out human rights violations in the Central African country, the State Department said Wednesday.

US, South Korea agree 'in principle' on military cost-sharing deal

The United States and South Korea have agreed "in principle" on a military cost-sharing deal, the State Department said Tuesday, in a move that would settle a key dispute between the longtime allies amid sensitive nuclear talks with North Korea.