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INF Treaty: Tension Between U.S. And Russia Over Nuclear Missiles

It was arguably the greatest achievement of the late Cold War years: a warming diplomatic relationship which made possible the treaties which ended decades of nuclear stand-off between East and West.

Member of U.S.-led coalition killed in Afghanistan in apparent insider attack

A soldier from the U.S.-led military coalition in Afghanistan was killed Monday and two others were injured in an apparent insider attack by a member of the Afghan security forces, U.S. military officials here said.

What Weapons Will The US Build After The INF Treaty?

If President Trump withdraws from Reagan’s INF accord, it could jump-start fielding of new technologies that would have skirted the letter of the treaty, like ground-launched hypersonics.

Tiny U.S. base assumes outsize role in Trump's Syria strategy

To understand how the United States is countering Iran's expansion across the Middle East, consider the outpost at Tanf.

US-led command, Koreas agree to pull guard posts, firearms from border village this week, Seoul says

The U.S.-led United Nations Command, North and South Korea agreed Monday to remove weapons and guard posts from a jointly patrolled area this week, according to the defense ministry in Seoul.

U.S. general wounded in attack in Afghanistan

A U.S. general was wounded in an attack last week in Afghanistan's Kandahar province that killed two senior Afghan provincial officials and targeted a group that included the senior U.S. commander in the country, four people with knowledge of the assault said.