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You’re Driven to Serve – We’re Driven to Help You Lead the Way

Join your fellow servicemembers and veterans studying homeland security, intelligence, cybersecurity, business, IT, and more at American Military University.

With 200-plus graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs, you’ll prepare for your career path whether you’re inside or outside the military. We understand military life, because AMU was founded by an officer to create a university that’s respected by employers and fits comfortably into your world. Continue Reading

RallyPoint: Showing the Power of Community Among Veterans and Servicemembers

RallyPoint (RP) recently achieved a major milestone. It enrolled its 1 millionth member on November 22. RallyPoint is a professional network serving the U.S. military and its veterans. Founded in 2012 by veterans Yinon Weiss and Aaron Kletzing, it is the nation’s largest military social community.

Are AMU’s New Business Programs Right For You?

This month, the School of Business at American Military University (AMU) introduced seven new degree and certificate programs. These new undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to enhance your skills in business analytics, technical management and accounting.

Light Up Your Independence Day with Meaningful Celebrations

If there is one day that belongs to all Americans, it is Independence Day. Families, neighbors, communities and the nation can unite in a civil celebration of the freedoms, liberties and opportunities that our great nation affords.

10 Ways to Support Military Spouses This Mother’s Day

The stress of parenting alone while a spouse is deployed or in training can become overwhelming. I often heard civilian friends tell me, “I wish I had known what to do to help.” As an independent, “I can do it all myself” type of person, I didn’t ask for help when I needed it. But there are ways to easily provide assistance to military spouses. Here are 10 ways to help a military wife this Mother’s Day or any other day during the year.

Show Your Colors: My Transition from the Marines to the Army

The latest article in AMU's "Our Athletes Don't Play Games" series. Up this week: The U.S. Army.