AMU’s Top 10 for 2015: Our Year in Review

AMU’s Top 10 for 2015: Our Year in Review


By In Military Staff

For American Military University, 2015 brought the heartwarming story #FindingKatrinaGirl, another accomplished graduating class, the successful launch of our versatile native app, and new, impactful resources for intelligence information. Our year in review highlights the year’s top university news, as shared by our weekly newsletter, The Insider.

  1. New Law to Require Passports for Domestic U.S. TravelIn Homeland Security Brief: Air travel identification requirements are tightening for residents of certain states, forcing up to 31 million Americans to carry passports to fly domestically. Will you have to be one of them?
  2. This May End in a Graveyard Smash – Trick or Treat? NASA recently discovered a skyscraper-sized asteroid hurtling toward Earth at nearly 80,000 mph. It heads our way on Halloween – but just how close will it get to our planet and why was it only detected on October 10th?
  3. New Programs Keep Pace with Changing Healthcare Environment – We’re deepening our commitment to healthcare professionals by launching our new Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Health Information Management (HIM) graduate and undergraduate degrees.
  4. Trending Now: Visualizing Homeland Security Terror Threats – Read the recent House Homeland Security Committee’s “Terror Threat Snapshot,” the new U.S. geography-based infographic featured, AMU’s online news resource for professionals serving in homeland security, intelligence, cybersecurity and related sectors.
  5. Introducing the new APUS Mobile App – From checking grades and posting to forums, to reading announcements, the new APUS mobile app has innovative features to boost your overall learning experience. Learn more about its convenient tools, including offline mode and upcoming enhancements.
  6. #APUSGrad 2015: Making Lifelong Learning Memories – From the surprise servicemember homecoming and making 17,000 meals for those in need, to student awards and graduation ceremonies — Commencement 2015 inspired thousands. If you were unable to attend or join our livestream audience, here’s the next best thing to being there.
  7. See the Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Veterans – What do you get the veteran who already has everything?‘s holiday gift guide, curated by editor Wes O’Donnell, has ten items every active duty or veteran servicemember would love to receive this holiday season.
  8. AMU Retains Top Ranking Among Servicemembers – AMU was again the most popular choice of servicemembers using tuition assistance in fiscal 2014, according to Military Times. VP of Military, Veterans & Community College Relations John Aldrich provides additional perspective in the cover story, which also features such students as International Relations and Conflict Resolution graduate Warren van Overbeke.
  9. Help AMU Student #FindKatrinaGirl – As featured on ABC and Yahoo News, Air Force Master Sgt. Michael Maroney was looking to reunite with the girl he rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina nearly a decade ago. We asked our students to read his story and help #FindKatrinaGirl.
  10. U.S. News Rankings: It’s the Company You Keep – APUS made front-page news in the hometownSpirit of Jefferson with its third consecutive, national recognition for its undergraduate programs.

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