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Show Your Colors: My Time in the Marines, a Legacy of Distinguished Service

My story is one of many you hear in the military. It is a legacy of service. My father...

Battle of the Branches: Did Your Colors Shine?

AMU’s student body represents the pride and determination of U.S. servicemembers and their families, whether inside the military or out, who protect our nation and our communities.

Show Your Colors: My Navy “Adventure”

For our fifth and final story in the "Our Athletes Don't Play Games" series, we are diving into the Navy.

Show Your Colors: My Transition from the Marines to the Army

The latest article in AMU's "Our Athletes Don't Play Games" series. Up this week: The U.S. Army.

Show Your Colors: The Many Missions of the U.S. Coast Guard

At AMU, we don’t field sports teams and you won’t find a stadium with our name on it. We’re a worldwide team of students and alumni who proudly serve their nation and their communities. AMU’s slogan, Our Athletes Don’t Play Games, illustrates how every day is game day for our students and alumni.

For our third story in the #OADPG series, we are getting on board with the Coast Guard. Continue Reading

Show Your Colors: My Time with the Air Force

As a veteran, I am fortunate to have served in two separate branches of the military—the U.S. Army and the Air Force. Serving in the Army infantry challenged me and taught me a lot about myself, both physically and mentally, when I first started out.