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Why the Vetrepreneurial Odds are in Your Favor

By Lydia Davey
Special to In Military Education - Military1.com

Last year, I discovered it was easier to launch a business in one of the most expensive and competitive cities in the world than it was to find a job. My story is not unique. The ranks of veteran entrepreneurs, or vetrepreneurs, have grown to 2.4 million. Each year, we generate $1.22 trillion in sales receipts. Veterans are nearly twice as likely as civilians to start our own companies. We’re also twice as likely to succeed.

My VA Home Loan Experience (Part One)

Tiffany’s Tips: Tips for Successful Learning

Tiffany Kyall Special Contributor, InMilitaryEducation.com As a military spouse, over the years I’ve learned ways to juggle my school and home life demands (a common trait amongst not only military spouses, but also servicemembers). Here are some tips that I found to be of use and may help you to become more successful in your education.

Military Personnel and Veterans Need to Understand the Value of Education

Tips for Balancing Military Life and Your Education

Kristen Obst, Ph.D., Program Director for Public Admin & Security Mgmt, APUS Military life is hard, and we spouses have a big job in supporting our Soldiers/Sailors/Marines/Coasties/Airmen for years of deployments, training, and re-locations. But, that does not mean that we can’t set and achieve personal goals, including education goals.

Military Personnel and Veterans Need to Understand the Value of Education