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North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

North Korea on Monday boasted of a successful weekend launch of a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead. Outsiders also saw a significant technological jump, with the test-fire apparently flying higher and for a longer time period than any other such previous missile.

U.S.-Turkish relations deeply strained ahead of Erdogan’s visit to White House

Barely two months ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was one of President Trump's biggest fans. Fed up with what he saw as the Obama administration's wishy-washy Syria policy, its unwise alliance with Kurdish "terrorists" and its failure to understand the need for some of his authoritarian policies, Erdogan envisioned a new dawn in U.S.-Turkish relations.

White House calls North Korea ‘flagrant menace’ after latest missile test

North Korea a "flagrant menace" after the test launch of a ballistic missile, the seventh such firing this year, the White House said.

F-35s for Taiwan? Expect to wait a long time

Over the past few weeks, the issue of Taiwan's proposed procurement of more advanced fighter jets from the US has resurfaced after the military renewed its request to purchase US-made F-35B fighters from the Donald Trump administration.

These officers are out to transform Navy’s warfare tactics and weaponry

On Wednesday, the flattop's tactical action officer, Navy Lt. Jeff Miller, and his bustling crew in the bowels of the warship identified, tracked and then blew to bits an incoming missile several miles before it reached the aircraft carrier and its group of accompanying ships.

More U.S. soldiers may be heading to Afghanistan. That might not solve the problem.

The emerging signs that the Trump administration may send thousands more U.S. troops to Afghanistan are generating a variety of reactions here, including relief at a signal of strong commitment from the new administration in Washington, and worry that it may not be enough to turn around a long, expensive war that the Taliban has fought to a draw.