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'It looks like we're afraid of foreigners': Army turns away some green-card holders

The U.S. Army has stopped enlisting some immigrants who are legal permanent residents while mandating lengthy delays for others, part of a controversial effort across the military to tighten security in the ranks by subjecting foreign-born recruits to tougher background checks.

The private life of Sgt. La David Johnson, the slain soldier ensnared in a Trump controversy

To most of the country, Sgt. La David Terrence Johnson was an American service member killed in action in West Africa. But to his family and his community in Miami Gardens, Fla., Johnson was also known as "Wheelie King."

Cybersecurity Is Changing The Way Leaders Behave

Cybersecurity threatens leaders everywhere The biggest threat that leaders—and specifically, CEOs—face isn’t brand positioning, fighting the talent war or reporting higher earnings.

NK highly unlikely to give up nuclear weapons: minister

Seoul's Unification Minister said Wednesday that it is highly unlikely that North Korea will relinquish its nuclear weapons, as it nears the completion of its weapons program.

Taliban storms army base with suicide car bombs, killing 43 Afghan soldiers

Taliban forces nearly wiped out an entire Afghan army post, killing 43 soldiers, when they stormed a base with suicide bombers in the strife-torn southern province of Kandahar.

China’s Challenges Abroad: How Do You Solve A Problem Like North Korea?

The importance of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th party congress to the future of Xi Jinping’s leadership and the direction of China has paralyzed policy debates on many issues, including North Korea.